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Used Alcatel telecoms equipment

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Alcatel provides communications solutions to telecommunication carriers, Internet service providers and enterprises for delivery of voice, data and video applications to their customers or employees. Alcatel brings its leading position in fixed and mobile broadband networks, applications and services, to help its partners and customers build a user-centric broadband world. With sales of EURO 13.1 billion and 58,000 employees in 2005, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries.

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Here are some of the Alcatel telecom products which can be seen below:

OMNI PCX Enterprise
4200 C,D,E

Alcatel telecoms equipment listed below

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Alcatel - Alcatel Alcatel 21407341AAGA004 - Alcatel 21407341AAGA004  Alcatel Alcatel 21407341AAGA004 Alcatel 21407341AAGA004
Alcatel - ALCATEL ANV-TO-1182503 256MULDEX card - ANV-TO-1182503  ALCATEL ANV-TO-1182503 256MULDEX card ANV-TO-1182503
Alcatel - ALCATEL ANV-TO-1182603 OP SET INTFC card - ANV-TO-1182603  ALCATEL ANV-TO-1182603 OP SET INTFC card ANV-TO-1182603
Alcatel - Alcatel Cabinnet type G2 - Cabinnet type G2  Alcatel Cabinnet type G2 Cabinnet type G2
Alcatel - Alcatel Cabinnet type G3 - Cabinnet type G3  Alcatel Cabinnet type G3 Cabinnet type G3
Alcatel - Alcatel Cabinnet type G3 - Cabinnet type G3  Alcatel Cabinnet type G3 Cabinnet type G3
Alcatel - Alcatel Cabinnet type G4 - Cabinnet type G4  Alcatel Cabinnet type G4 Cabinnet type G4
Alcatel - Alcatel Cabinnet type G4 mini - Cabinnet type G4 mini  Alcatel Cabinnet type G4 mini Cabinnet type G4 mini
Alcatel - ALCATEL DE-812TP+ HDD7015589 card - DE-812TP+ HDD7015589  ALCATEL DE-812TP+ HDD7015589 card DE-812TP+ HDD7015589
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 EDG50196ABAA card - EDG50196ABAA  ALCATEL S12 EDG50196ABAA card EDG50196ABAA
Alcatel - ALCATEL EI36016AAAA RECT. 48V. 40A. card - EI36016AAAA  ALCATEL EI36016AAAA RECT. 48V. 40A. card EI36016AAAA
Alcatel - ALCATEL ESC/ESP-120/240 card - ESC/ESP-120/240  ALCATEL ESC/ESP-120/240 card ESC/ESP-120/240
Alcatel - ALCATEL GD-30 DIGITAL GENERATOR IE85-0040 card - GD-30  ALCATEL GD-30 DIGITAL GENERATOR IE85-0040 card GD-30
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 GR87382 B1L42171198 card - GR87382 B1L42171198  ALCATEL S12 GR87382 B1L42171198 card GR87382 B1L42171198
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35035A00AA card - M35035A00AA  ALCATEL S12 M35035A00AA card M35035A00AA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35103C00AA card - M35103C00AA  ALCATEL S12 M35103C00AA card M35103C00AA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M351145B00BB card - M351145B00BB  ALCATEL S12 M351145B00BB card M351145B00BB
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35116B00CA card - M35116B00CA  ALCATEL S12 M35116B00CA card M35116B00CA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35116D00AC card - M35116D00AC  ALCATEL S12 M35116D00AC card M35116D00AC
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35117A00AA card - M35117A00AA  ALCATEL S12 M35117A00AA card M35117A00AA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35125A00GD card - M35125A00GD  ALCATEL S12 M35125A00GD card M35125A00GD
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35132B00BA card - M35132B00BA  ALCATEL S12 M35132B00BA card M35132B00BA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35132B00CA card - M35132B00CA  ALCATEL S12 M35132B00CA card M35132B00CA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35134B00AA card - M35134B00AA  ALCATEL S12 M35134B00AA card M35134B00AA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35138B00CC card - M35138B00CC  ALCATEL S12 M35138B00CC card M35138B00CC
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35145D00AC card - M35145D00AC  ALCATEL S12 M35145D00AC card M35145D00AC
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35146A00BB card - M35146A00BB  ALCATEL S12 M35146A00BB card M35146A00BB
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35208A00CB card - M35208A00CB  ALCATEL S12 M35208A00CB card M35208A00CB
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35208A00CC card - M35208A00CC  ALCATEL S12 M35208A00CC card M35208A00CC
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35208A00FC card - M35208A00FC  ALCATEL S12 M35208A00FC card M35208A00FC
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35208A00GC card - M35208A00GC  ALCATEL S12 M35208A00GC card M35208A00GC
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35209B00CC card - M35209B00CC  ALCATEL S12 M35209B00CC card M35209B00CC
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35211A00EA card - M35211A00EA  ALCATEL S12 M35211A00EA card M35211A00EA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35218B00AA card - M35218B00AA  ALCATEL S12 M35218B00AA card M35218B00AA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35222B00AC card - M35222B00AC  ALCATEL S12 M35222B00AC card M35222B00AC
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35223B00AB card - M35223B00AB  ALCATEL S12 M35223B00AB card M35223B00AB
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35224C00AA card - M35224C00AA  ALCATEL S12 M35224C00AA card M35224C00AA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35224F00AA card - M35224F00AA  ALCATEL S12 M35224F00AA card M35224F00AA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35225B00GB card - M35225B00GB  ALCATEL S12 M35225B00GB card M35225B00GB
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35225B00HB card - M35225B00HB  ALCATEL S12 M35225B00HB card M35225B00HB
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35246A00CD card - M35246A00CD  ALCATEL S12 M35246A00CD card M35246A00CD
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35246B01BE card - M35246B01BE  ALCATEL S12 M35246B01BE card M35246B01BE
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35246B01BF card - M35246B01BF  ALCATEL S12 M35246B01BF card M35246B01BF
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35246B01BH card - M35246B01BH  ALCATEL S12 M35246B01BH card M35246B01BH
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35260A00BG card - M35260A00BG  ALCATEL S12 M35260A00BG card M35260A00BG
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35264A00BA card - M35264A00BA  ALCATEL S12 M35264A00BA card M35264A00BA
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35276B00BB card - M35276B00BB  ALCATEL S12 M35276B00BB card M35276B00BB
Alcatel - ALCATEL S12 M35290B00AB card - M35290B00AB  ALCATEL S12 M35290B00AB card M35290B00AB
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