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Used Marconi SMA / MSH telecoms equipment

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Marconi SMAWest Pier Telecom can offer refurbished SDH solutions that give you the flexible, reliable, compact and cost-effective networks you need to provide enhanced service provision and client satisfaction. For operators around the world, West Pier Telecom extensive stock of current and obsolete Marconi SMA/MSH spare parts cables and system components allows greater flexibility to support and maintain critical service levels. Sourcing next day spare parts need not be a headache when using used telecoms. Our global logistics centres covering Europe, Africa, North and South America and Asia, allow for rapid deployment of STM Optical (STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16) spare parts when you need them, wherever you need them.

If you any enquiries regarding any specific part that you are looking for please contact your West Pier Telecom account manager or contact the sales team on +44 1273 391 291 or

Used Marconi SMA telecoms equipment:

The used Marconi SMA telecoms equipment range offers a wide range of synchronous multi-plexers to suit all network applications. Where networks are required to be responsive to rapid changes in traffic, a range of upgradeable multi-plexers offer in-service capacity upgrades, advanced tributary units and, in the flagship SMA16, full VC-12 connectivity across the whole STM-16 aggregate. Where traffic patterns are more stable, dedicated hierarchy multi-plexers provide the optimal solution.

Designed to meet today's SDH switching requirements, as well as future line-rate ODU switching (ITU-T G.709 optically multiplexed traffic) demands, the MSH-ES is the future-proof, high-capacity switching solution for all major traffic nodes. At the heart of the MSH-ES is a 960 Gbit/s dual technology SDH/OTN switch. This is designed to deliver robust in-service scalability for the MSH64C and MSH2K.

Key benefits

•  In-Service upgrade from entire MSH64C and/or MSH2K.

•  No single point of failure due to fully duplicated hardware including back planes.

•  Compact - Single rack can accommodate both replicas of the protected switch or replicas of the switch can be physically separated into two racks for maximum resiliency.

•  Maximises restoration options at DWDM hub sites through full, non-blocking connectivity.

•  Further expansion option to 2880 Gbit/s.

•  40G/OTM-0.3 capable platform.

Contact our used carrier telecoms equipment sales team:

UK Head Office
Call: +44 1273 391 291

2 Woodingdean Business Park,
Sea View Way, Brighton, BN2 6NX

Used Marconi SMA / MSH telecoms equipment listed below

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Used Marconi - Nortel NTQA6542 NOR BTS RA SMA/RA SMA CABLE L=1760MM,  - NTQA6542 Nortel NTQA6542 NOR BTS RA SMA/RA SMA CABLE L=1760MM, Call for details NTQA6542
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3506-C102-7 - S42024-D3506-C102-7 Siemens S42024-D3506-C102-7Call for details S42024-D3506-C102-7
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3507-A202-3 - S42024-D3507-A202-3 Siemens S42024-D3507-A202-3Call for details S42024-D3507-A202-3
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3507-A202-B1 - S42024-D3507-A202-B1 Siemens S42024-D3507-A202-B1Call for details S42024-D3507-A202-B1
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3507-C302-7 - S42024-D3507-C302-7 Siemens S42024-D3507-C302-7Call for details S42024-D3507-C302-7
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3507-C302-8 - S42024-D3507-C302-8 Siemens S42024-D3507-C302-8Call for details S42024-D3507-C302-8
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3512-B222-3 - S42024-D3512-B222-3 Siemens S42024-D3512-B222-3Call for details S42024-D3512-B222-3
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3512-B222-3 - S42024-D3512-B222-3 Siemens S42024-D3512-B222-3Call for details S42024-D3512-B222-3
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3516-A102-7 - S42024-D3516-A102-7 Siemens S42024-D3516-A102-7Call for details S42024-D3516-A102-7
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3558-A1-2 - S42024-D3558-A1-2 Siemens S42024-D3558-A1-2Call for details S42024-D3558-A1-2
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3563-B10-D2 - S42024-D3563-B10-D2 Siemens S42024-D3563-B10-D2Call for details S42024-D3563-B10-D2
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3564-A101-2 - S42024-D3564-A101-2 Siemens S42024-D3564-A101-2Call for details S42024-D3564-A101-2
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D3564-A101-B1 - S42024-D3564-A101-B1 Siemens S42024-D3564-A101-B1Call for details S42024-D3564-A101-B1
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D5000-A100-4 - S42024-D5000-A100-4 Siemens S42024-D5000-A100-4Call for details S42024-D5000-A100-4
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D5003-A100-5 - S42024-D5003-A100-5 Siemens S42024-D5003-A100-5Call for details S42024-D5003-A100-5
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D5003-A100-7 - S42024-D5003-A100-7 Siemens S42024-D5003-A100-7Call for details S42024-D5003-A100-7
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D5005-A100-7 - S42024-D5005-A100-7 Siemens S42024-D5005-A100-7Call for details S42024-D5005-A100-7
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D5014-A1-B2 - S42024-D5014-A1-B2 Siemens S42024-D5014-A1-B2Call for details S42024-D5014-A1-B2
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-D5024-A120-3 - S42024-D5024-A120-3 Siemens S42024-D5024-A120-3Call for details S42024-D5024-A120-3
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-L3231-C107-1 - S42024-L3231-C107-1 Siemens S42024-L3231-C107-1Call for details S42024-L3231-C107-1
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-L5007-A1-7 - S42024-L5007-A1-7 Siemens S42024-L5007-A1-7Call for details S42024-L5007-A1-7
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-L5007-A1-9 - S42024-L5007-A1-9 Siemens S42024-L5007-A1-9Call for details S42024-L5007-A1-9
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-L5013-A2-3 - S42024-L5013-A2-3 Siemens S42024-L5013-A2-3Call for details S42024-L5013-A2-3
Used Marconi - Siemens S42024-P133-A3 - S42024-P133-A3 Siemens S42024-P133-A3Call for details S42024-P133-A3
Used Marconi - Motorola SVLN1230A 50 OHM LOAD SMA - SVLN1230A Motorola SVLN1230A 50 OHM LOAD SMACall for details SVLN1230A
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 109-3289 card - 109-3289 Marconi MSH 109-3289 cardCall for details 109-3289
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 109-3292 card - 109-3292 Marconi MSH 109-3292 cardCall for details 109-3292
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 109-3293 card - 109-3293 Marconi MSH 109-3293 cardCall for details 109-3293
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 109-3295 card - 109-3295 Marconi MSH 109-3295 cardCall for details 109-3295
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 109-3297 card - 109-3297 Marconi MSH 109-3297 cardCall for details 109-3297
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 109-3298 card - 109-3298 Marconi MSH 109-3298 cardCall for details 109-3298
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3137/0101 card - 130-3137/0101 Marconi MSH 130-3137/0101 cardCall for details 130-3137/0101
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3145/0301 card - 130-3145/0301 Marconi MSH 130-3145/0301 cardCall for details 130-3145/0301
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3155/01 card - 130-3155/01 Marconi MSH 130-3155/01 cardCall for details 130-3155/01
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3230/01 card - 130-3230/01 Marconi MSH 130-3230/01 cardCall for details 130-3230/01
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3230/01.01 card - 130-3230/01.01 Marconi MSH 130-3230/01.01 cardCall for details 130-3230/01.01
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3480/02 card - 130-3480/02 Marconi MSH 130-3480/02 cardCall for details 130-3480/02
Used Marconi - Marconi 130-3494/02 05 - 130-3494/02 05 Marconi 130-3494/02 05Call for details 130-3494/02 05
Used Marconi - Marconi 130-3494/02 06 - 130-3494/02 06 Marconi 130-3494/02 06Call for details 130-3494/02 06
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3505/02 card - 130-3505/02 Marconi MSH 130-3505/02 cardCall for details 130-3505/02
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3558/01 card - 130-3558/01 Marconi MSH 130-3558/01 cardCall for details 130-3558/01
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3714/01.. card - 130-3714/01.. Marconi MSH 130-3714/01.. cardCall for details 130-3714/01..
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 130-3716/01 card - 130-3716/01 Marconi MSH 130-3716/01 cardCall for details 130-3716/01
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 131-0826/02 card - 131-0826/02 Marconi MSH 131-0826/02 cardCall for details 131-0826/02
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 131-1260/0103 card - 131-1260/0103 Marconi MSH 131-1260/0103 cardCall for details 131-1260/0103
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 131-1261/02 card - 131-1261/02 Marconi MSH 131-1261/02 cardCall for details 131-1261/02
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 131-1287/01 card - 131-1287/01 Marconi MSH 131-1287/01 cardCall for details 131-1287/01
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 131-1578 card - 131-1578 Marconi MSH 131-1578 cardCall for details 131-1578
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 131-1926/03 card - 131-1926/03 Marconi MSH 131-1926/03 cardCall for details 131-1926/03
Used Marconi - Marconi MSH 131-6196/01 card - 131-6196/01 Marconi MSH 131-6196/01 cardCall for details 131-6196/01
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If you cannot find the equipment your looking for please email or call West Pier Telecom - used telecoms division on +44 1273 391 291.